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Drive down the Avenida da Boavista, in the east-west direction, turn left onto Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa. 
Then turn left at Rua Afonso de Albuquerque and take the 1st left into the Largo D. João III. 

- Park
In a partnership with Porto City Counciul, two free car parks will be available - Parque del Bessa and Parque Campus (Católica). These parks allow quick access to Serralves on foot or by using the solutions provided by STCP, described above.

GPS Coordinates 
Latitude 41° 9’35.40”N 
Longitude 8°39’35.35”W 


Once again STCP will accompany Serralves em Festa from the start to finish and will ensures continuous bus connections, even during the early hours of Saturday and Sunday.

Line 201 Aliados – Viso
(each day 5:30 - 21:00)

Line 203 Marquês-Castelo do Queijo
(each day 6:30 - 20:45)

Line 207 Campanhã-Foz
(Friday from 21:00, Saturday from 6:04 to 15h)

Line 502 Bolhão - Matosinhos Mercado 
(each day from 6:00 to 00:15)

Line 504 Boavista - Norteshopping 
(each day from 6:10 to 00:30)

During the daytime and night, buses take between 15 and 45 minutes. 


Casa da Música – Serralves – Casa da Música 

- Friday, from 21:15 to 1:00, Saturday, from 12:30 to 1:00, and Sunday, from 12:30 to 23:00, every 15 minutes.

Serralves – Aliados – Serralves

- Saturday and Sunday, from 1:00 to 5:30, every hour
- In the early mornings on Saturday and Sunday the Serralves - Aliados SHUTTLE runs once every 60 min.

If travelling by Metro: from the Casa da Música use the Shuttle to Serralves or the lines 201, 203, 
502 and 504

If travelling by train to Campanhã: travel by Metro to the Casa da Música + Shuttle or the lines 201, 203, 502 e 504 to Serralves or line 207 directly to Serralves (on Friday up until 21:00, on Saturday from 6:04 to 15:00)



- Saturday and Sunday : 08:30 - 19:30
Departure from Porto’s Baixa district (Aliados), stop in the Rotunda da Boavista (next to the Casa da Música) and Serralves, and vice-versa.

Shuttle routes:

1 - between Rotunda da Boavista and Serralves
2 - between Porto’s Baixa district (Aliados) and Serralves. 


To travel to Casa da Música use the Lines: (A) Blue; (B) Red; (C) Green; (D) Yellow (change at Trindade station); (F) Orange and (E) Violet. From 06:00 to 1:30, Saturday and Sunday. 

Consult the indications provided above of the direct connection from Casa da Música to Serralves in the available 
shuttles and other STCP lines from the Rotunda da Boavista to Serralves.


Urban trains of Porto: 
Lines of Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro 
and Marco de Canaveses. 
Information and bookings: 221 052 482 or 

Long -distance and regional trains: 
Alfa Pendular and Intercity lines (North Line), Inter-Regional and Regional Lines (Minho and Douro Lines). 
Special conditions for groups. 

Bookings: 221 052 503/511/524 or e-mail to

Exit at Porto Campanhã train station and use the Metro lines (consult indications above). 
Buy your ticket in advance and benefit from discounts on the Alfa Pendular and Intercity services, subject to presentation of confirmation from Serralves: 
— 25% Discount on Comfort Class / 1st Class 
— 20% Discount on Tourist Class / 2nd Class 

In purchase of roundtrip tickets bound to Porto Campanha or Vila Nova de Gaia stations. 
Conditions to get a CP discount: 
— Valid for Alfa Pendular and Intercity trains, subject to presentation of the valid CP ticket. Discount applicable for 
the period between 5 days before and 5 days after the validity date of the transport ticket. 
— If you don’t have your Serralves ticket, when you purchase your transport ticket, you can also take advantage of these conditions. For this purpose you should communicate that you wish to travel under the terms of the cooperation agreement between Serralves Foundation and Portuguese Railways (CP) and present your Serralves ticket on the return trip. If you fail to present this ticket on your return, you will be considered to be a customer without a valid ticket. 
— You should collect your ticket in Serralves reception for this purpose. It will be necessary to prove that you travelled to Serralves on an Alfa Pendular and Intercity trains, subject to presentation of a valid transport ticket. 

For further information consult or 707 210 220.